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90 Minutes Teambuilding

90-Minute Teambuilding

LOST on the …. 

Stranded on a rubber life raft. Ship crashed on the moon. What do you do now? Two great team building games that get people excited! 


Understanding that group decision-making is better than individual decision-making. 

What you will learn… 

  • A group is stranded with minimal supplies. Working individually, then as a group, you must assess the items salvaged based on their value for survival. Results are then compared with the expert rankings. Through self-scoring, you immediately see how well you performed.
  • Encourages team building and consensus, assisting people in coming to agreements with groups of people. 


  • Interactive instructor presentation
  • Individual Exercise
  • Team Exercises
  • Full group discussion 

Value Added Actions 

  • Pre- and post-knowledge assessment to determine knowledge transfer 

Time – 1½ hours 

Who should attend? 

Managers, work teams, and participants from any area of a business wishing to gain perspective with working and collaborating as a team.

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