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The ABC's of Customer Service

The ABC's of Customer Service

Give good customer service and make the sale! Isn’t that what we all want? Why not make it fun too? Everyone learns better when they are enjoying themselves.


Let’s be on the same page with our customers. By the end of the course you will be able to ‘get’ that customer service is the key to achieving your own set goals and objectives for increasing sales and profits.

What you will learn…

Understanding what customer service is and why we need it

  • Preparing to sell.  What you need to do before you go ’live’
  • Establishing that comfort zone with your customers and determining what they are thinking of buying by Asking the Six “W’s”.
  • Encouraging you to showcase the products or services that the customer will want to Buy using Highlights and Advantages. 
  • Overcoming and defeating doubts to Close the Sale and getting customers to return.
  • Understanding the metrics of selling and why you need to track them to increase your sales and profits.


  • Interactive instructor presentation with a fun approach
  • Team exercises and some healthy competition
  • Full group discussion
  • Role-play

Value Added Actions 

  • Pre- and post-knowledge assessment to determine knowledge transfer
  • Concrete Action Plans
  • 3-week follow-up to determine improvements

Time – 6 hours

Who should attend?

Sales associates, store managers, district managers, operation managers of all ages and disciplines who want to either learn customer service skills for the first time or need to brush up and update their skills to increase their sales.  

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