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"We have worked with and contracted Kathryn on several occasions to provide training and support to our organization's efforts to provide value to our membership activities.  Kathryn is a an accomplished facilitator and presenter.  Her communication and people skills were excellent and she is always engaged with her audience".
Linda, St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce has, (Via the RABC)

"While staff knew each other’s name, the Personality Dimensions workshop provided a fun, positive space to get to know each other as people, working together to understand each other strengths, and, tolerance of weaknesses. I’d definitely say, that our customer service working environment has improved. They enjoyed it and all look forward to a next training/development exercise! I recommend Kathryn  as the ideal candidate for your training session."
Gail, Executive Director, Dene Ts’edi Society

"Kathryn provided to my clients and myself the course "Train the Trainer", which was really practical. She made us work and think in the most effective way. It was a great booster because we all left the workshop feeling so much confident presenting our own workshops. On an individual side, she was also a great business mentor and she helped me dealing with difficult specific cases/people, while explaining some basic social/behavioural/psychological information. She went above and beyond my expectations. Since I knew her for quite a while before hiring her for the training session, I expected a lot, and she still exceeded the expectations. I think the best words to describe her and all the knowledge she provides is "supportive" and "achievable". She answers to all of my questions and doubts in a really considerate way. I would personally recommend any regular coaching/training sessions with her."
Sophie, SQ Assistance

"Fun, informative and challenging...a great customer service workshop". 
Arnold, Aquawave Innovations

 Excellent presenter - clear, concise and well delivered". 
Chris, Zomaron

 "The Train the Trainer was thorough and concise. I now feel I have the tools to facilitate my workshop effectively. Thanks". 
Jennifer, AltAdmin

 "Very informative, clear and easy to follow workshops". 
Lori, Ascend to Power Coach

 "I went from feeling like a person who lectures to a person who can facilitate an effective workshop. Great course thanks again". 
Allison, Corporate Wellness Solutions

"Excellent framwork for desiging a training program, an easy to follow train the trainer". 
James, SummitCMA

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